Team Approach

Cline, Cook & Weisenburger Co. L.P.A. is structured to handle virtually all of our clients' legal needs.  Experience has taught us that clients prefer to work with just one rather than several law firms. 

By using attorneys from the same firm to handle a wide range of complex legal concerns, you, as the client, receive consistent counsel which makes dealing with the legal system less stressful.

When necessary an individual attorney's skills are utilized with several of the firm's members to provide clients with a team approach to their legal problems.  This doesn't mean that a client is moved from one attorney to another.  Your primary lawyer will be with you through the entire process, constantly updating you on the status of your case.


Fee Structure

Various fee arrangements have enabled Cline, Cook & Weisenburger Co. L.P.A. clients to choose the payment plan that is most convenient for them.  At your first meeting a determination will be made on your fee arrangement, whether hourly, a fixed fee, or based upon a percentage of recovery.  Client comfort in this area is of utmost importance to us.